What is the Billing Section?

Billing is a section in the Console to help users purchase the Bridge plan, our basic MDM-catered offering.

Only Enterprise Admin users will be able to purchase this plan. Enterprise viewer user role will be able to view the plan. It will not be accessible to Viewer and the Group Viewer user roles.

On the Console, click the profile icon and choose the ‘Billing’option from the menu.

choose billing option

The landing page displays the current plan, the number of devices onboarded, and the start date.

billing landing page

Click the View Invoice link to view past purchases.


Here, you can purchase the Bridge plan. Click Select, and a typical payment modal is displayed. You can choose the monthly or the annual plan.

payment modal

You can upgrade to Architect and Enterprise plans anytime. Esper Sales (opens new window) team will be happy to help!