# How to Transfer a File to Any Device or Group of Devices?

Step 1: Click on the ellipsis for more actions on a file. Choose the ‘Transfer’ option.

Transfer file

Step 2: To select the groups and/or devices you wish to transfer this file to, choose the appropriate "Groups" or "Devices" tab and click Link against the specific device or group. The selected list of devices and/or groups will be displayed on the right pane. You may use the search option to find a particular device or group easily.

Select group and devices

Step 3: Provide the destination file path on the devices. One example of an internal storage path would be /storage/emulated/0/download/.

Once complete, click Transfer.

You can transfer files to internal storage or removable storage device like SD cards. All the removable storage devices will have a unique eight-character ID. You just need to add a prefix "ESPER_EXTERNAL" if the ID is not known.

You can append the path with the "forced/" keyword (example:"forced/storage/emulated/0/Esper/NewFolder/"), which will ask users permission for that directory (if the directory exists). On granting access, the files will be saved anywhere in internal storage, public directories, and removable storage.

The ability to store files anywhere is available in Esper Agent version v7.4.9751 and above. Please reach out to Esper support for this version.

The admins can push files to multiple SD cards at the same time using the scheme format (scheme: path). The scheme will be common to all the devices.

E.g. internal://download/Esper/Notes in this, the scheme internal translates to: /storage/emulated/0.

Esper allows the following 6 schemes:

  • internal- Translates to: /storage/emulated/0
  • external- Translates to: /storage/SD-card ID
  • forced_internal- Translates to: /storage/emulated/0
  • forced_external- Translates to: /storage/SD-card ID
  • esper_internal- Translates to: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.shoonya.shoonyadpc/files
  • esper_external- Translates to: /storage/3M110ECD/Android/data/io.shoonya.shoonyadpc/files

Please contact Esper to know more about this feature.

Specify path for file transfer

Success or fail toast message will appear on the bottom left of your Console screen once the file transfer has been successfully completed.