# What is the Devices & Groups Section?

The Devices & Groups section enables you to manage devices and groups in one place. You can assign Blueprints, manage settings for the devices or the groups, move devices/groups from one group to another, and a lot more. Once the devices are assigned to groups, you can use a single command to perform an action on all the devices in the group. You can, for example, apply a Blueprint to all the devices in the group at once.

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Once your devices are enrolled to Esper, the Devices & Groups view will display all the devices and group structure.

# Nested Groups

We provide the capability of “Nested Groups”, which is essentially a hierarchical structure of groups that enhances the flexibility of taking actions on the devices. Thus introducing two more concepts:

  • Parent Group - A group at a higher level of the hierarchy. Users can create multiple parent groups at the same level.

  • Subgroup - A group at a lower level of hierarchy associated with a parent group. Any action intended for a parent group will be cascaded to all sub-groups.

You can create nested groups at any level. You can create a maximum of 5 sub-levels for any parent device group. You can create as many parents as you want.