# How to Sign Up for a Trial Account?

To try out Esper, sign up for a developer trial account on the Esper Website (opens new window). Once the account set up is complete, you can generate your API key. You can test out all the features of our innovative platform—whether building out a kiosk, point of sale solution, or for an entirely new Dedicated Device category. It is the best platform designed for the Android application developer targeting Dedicated Devices.

# Set Up an Account

Your first step is to sign up for a free trial account (opens new window). During the signup process, you will be asked to enter a few quick details to set up your environment:

Strat a free trial for Esper

Once you click Get Started For Free, we will send you an email to get started with Esper. In the email you will get a link to create your password and quickly get started with Esper, along with the URL of your Esper Console account. (It will be something like foooo.esper.cloud, where "foooo" is the randomly generated five-letter name of your console environment).

For new sign-ups, the Enterprise admin can purchase the Bridge plan from the Console. Click the profile icon on the top right corner to access the billing page.

# Password Policy for Esper

All users are responsible for taking appropriate steps to ensure password security.

Please change your password when you are redirected to your endpoint!

We recommend that you follow best practices for password construction:

  • Avoid dictionary words or proper names.
  • Use at least eight (8) characters.
  • Don’t use your User ID as a password.
  • Use both numeric and alphabetic characters in your password.
  • Avoid reusing your previous four passwords.

Esper users are responsible for making sure their policy and practice reflect security and compliance. These practices include changing your password periodically (after a maximum of 90 days), especially if you hold administrative access to your Esper endpoint or you suspect your password may have been compromised.